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On  July 6th,  we enjoyed a great educational play at the Santa María theatre: THE PRETENDERS.  Participants of both courses (English and French) experienced the English language in a much more motivating way. Wanna see the trailer of the play??? Have a look at the video below!!!

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Read the comments!!! Our reviews of the play are there!!! =)


As not all the students of the courses could see the play on July 6th, we are arranging a second visit for August 23rd (7.30 pm). If you are interested in joining us, leave a comment with your intention and we will make the reservations for you!!! It's worth seeing!!! You can´t miss it!!! (Price: 35 pesos!!!)

THE BUENOS AIRES PLAYER is Celia Zubiri’s theatre company. Since 1992 they have produced Educational Plays in English, specially designed for different age groups and academic levels. Celia Zubiri (1945 – 2010) dedicated more than 30 years to develop educational tools in English by writing more than 20 books and 70 plays; she was considered to be the first and most important playwright in English in Argentina.
For more information about this theatre company and their plays, enter their website: http://www.thebsasplayers.com/

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  1. It was a pity I couln´t go , but I promis my self not to loose anything else.

    1. Dear Ines,

      Remember the song we listened some weeks ago: "NO REGRETS"...
      Hope to see you on Friday!!!

      Sabrina S.
      Prof. Inglés

  2. No regrets is our first lesson we have to learn. To improve in every thing we try is the best we can do for us and for our close friends.

  3. Here comes my review of "The Pretenders"!

    Last week we went to the theater to see "The Pretenders", a nice comedy with script by Celia Zubiri and directed by Marcelo Andino. The theater was full of young students who looked surprised when we occupied twenty seats there.

    The plot was very funny. It was about two buddies - Erik and Daniel - who after finishing high school discussed the way to earn easy money quickly. At last they decided to become fortune tellers and they got Daniel parent's apartment without paying any rent and called themselves "Brothers of Ligth". After advertising on Facebook, clients arrived. First, Vivian and then Eve. It was supposed they would help the clients to "see the light".

    The play was very well acted and Vivian played two different roles. The direction was correct. Erik and Daniel had colourful costume. Daniel's father - in my opinion - wasn't dressed like a business man but the costume of all actors and actresses was correct. The music sounded a little loud. All in all, I think it's worth seeing if you want to spend a good afternoon.

    Alicia N.

  4. THE PRETENDERS (MOVIE REVIEW)Santamaria Theater, 850 Montevideo St. ,Friday 6th., 2.30 pm.

    In this educational performance scripted by Celia Zubiri and directed by Marcelo Andino, two young fellows, Eric and his buddy Daniel, have finished their Secondary School and want to earn easy money quickly. Eric proposes Daniel to become fortunetellers, because he assumes they have charisma and intuition. Eric’s parents grant them a flat without paying any rent, but with some limitations on her mother’s beauty spending. The first client arrives and they obtain a lot of money helping her “to see the light”. The second client is Eve, a tiny girl, with thick glasses and unattractive aspect. Eric and Eve look at each other and they suffer a “coup de foudre” and fall in love immediately. The moment becomes very complex and chaotic. A policewoman appears accusing Eric’s father of tax evasion. At last, the different characters have to justify their tricky behaviors and be honest with their own feelings. The direction, costume design and set design were also corrects. The music sounds a bit loud. The father was the weakest character owing to the fact that his costume design was not representative of a business man. With regard to the performance itself, it is very recommendable, because you will find a hilarious and educational experience. My opinion is that The Pretenders is worth seeing .


  5. Review of the play "The Pretenders"

    The Pretenders is a play we saw at the Santa Maria theatre. The script was written by Celia Zubiri and it was directed by Marcelo Andino. The plot was about two friends who had just finished high school. The parents of one of them, named Eric, expected his son to apply to college. Obviously, Eric was only thinking about how to obtain easy money. He told his ideas to his friend. He thought he was a charismatic and intuitive person and the best way to obtain easy bucks was to become fortune tellers. Funny situations happened in the play and the end was great. Although this was a comedy, we can think about: the relationship between Eric's parents and their son; friendship; feelings when having a crush on someone; adults' reaction when it is possible to obtain a lot of money. The set and costume design were simple but adequates. The characterizations were good. Actor's corporal language improved their actings and gave strength to the play. Parents' dialogues weren't very clear and gave some weakness to the play. Despite this last commentary, I think it is worth seeing the play and I recommended it.


  6. My review (by Tamara!)

    "The Pretenders" is an educational theatre piece performed by a Cecilia Zuburi´s company called " The Buenos Aires Players" at Santa María Theatre, directed by Marcelo Andino and script by Cecilia Zubiri. To my surprise,although it has an educational intention the acting is excellent and also the direction. They have a correct design and colourfull costumes.

    It tells the story of two teenagers who finish their high school and decide to become fortune tellers in order to make money. So, they plan a scam to con clients. As they have no money, Eric, with his mother´s help, persuades his father to pay the rent of an apartment for them to work in it. Finally a CIA agent, who pretens to be one of their conned clients ends up running the bluff.
    The ending is unexpected and funny...

    In conclusion, it is worth seeing "The Pretenders". You´ll learn good English and enjoy and awesome but a little naive comedy.
    Go and enjoy it!!!



    It is an adaptation of a very well-known play written by Ibsen. It was adapted by Celia Zubirí to be performed to a teen eager audience who could understand the core of it. It is a comedy that makes people laugh and enjoy. At the same time, it shows an attempt to deceive people by bluffing, scamming and fraud. As a matter of fact, friendship is used as a way to earn money easily. More than a comedy it satirizes human weakness as we can see at the end of the play. The scenography, sound and lighting are correct, and the costumes are original with outstanding colors. The characterization is wonderful; all of them are playing a different role prepared with great effort. The English language is clear accompanied by a nice accent.